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Gregory Mauger is an internationally critically acclaimed and published photographer. He is the protege of world-renowned photographer Evla Vlasicova. Gregory's passion for life combined with a deep devotion for the performing and visual arts enables him to see the world in a unique way. Classically trained in ballet by Phyllis Rothwell, Gregory incorporates his training, along with a strong European influence and styling, into his work which allows his photographs to combine emotions and a strong sense of realism.

When it comes to sessions for children, families, portraits and weddings, Gregory’s artistic style is incorporated into every shot. Having two children of his own, Gregory understands that every child is unique in his or her own way. So, Gregory spends time to get to know your family on a personal level beforehand in order to create a relaxed atmosphere that lets their personality shine through. His goal is to create photographs that will be just as strong 70 years from now as they were the day they were taken.

Gregory is based in beautiful, historic Durham, North Carolina and is available for work throughout the United States and abroad. In 2019 Gregory was rated as one of the top fine art photographers in Raleigh by