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"Precarious Times"


Photography classes with Gregory are unique in that they are only available as private classes. He feels when there is a large group not everyone recieves equal attention. Even more important, the advantage of one on one classes is that it allows him to custom tailor every aspect of your class to help take your photography to the next level while working around your busy schedule.

Classes are available across the United States and Europe in a variety of styles. All experience levels are welcome. Every session is held in a beautiful location so you can build your portfolio while advancing your skills

Please contact Gregory at 610.217.1798 or e-mail him at for a quote.


"If you’re wanting a customized, one-on-one photography workshop, Greg Mauger, is your teacher! Greg is knowledgeable with various styles and builds a plan with you to get the most of your time. He will keep sharing knowledge as long as you can keep absorbing all the information. I spent a few hours focusing on posing and lighting techniques with Greg and it has helped me with my shooting. We started outside with natural light and then went to an indoor setting with harsh lighting and worked with flash. It was a great experience comparing the different spaces and how to approach the frames. Greg has an eye for details and walks you through your goals to better your art and help you push yourself to try new ideas, different angles, embrace your creativity."

- Moriah Marks, Boise, ID