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"As a dancer and teacher, I value Greg's ability to capture the joy and beauty of dance.  As Greg is a dancer himself, his is attuned to the emotions and effort involved in dance.  I particularly enjoy his photos of dancers back stage.  The photos show all the tension, energy, nerves and excitement of getting ready to perform.  Once the dancers are on stage, Greg is excellent in getting great action photos reflecting all of those back stage emotions.  The final results are a tribute to our art of dance.”

- Kathryn Stout - Member, Royal Academy of Dance - Pittsburgh, PA


"I found Greg to be very professional. Greg has a keen eye of an artist and the instincts to capture unscripted and unique moments that make his photographs so memorable."

- A. Husain - Author - Angel America


"Грег Могер замечательный фотограф и друг! С ним очень легко и комфортно работать, и он смог отобразить мою личность на фотографиях. Его талант, а также заинтересованность и индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту позволяют делать прекрасные снимки. Моё сотрудничество с ним стало одним из самых лучших впечатлений в моей жизни!"

- Evgenia Marushko - Йошкар-Ола, Россия


"Greg Mauger is a great photographer and a friend! It's super comfortable and easy to work with him, and he's able to depict your personality on photos! Along with his talent, his involvement and unique approach to each individual helps create brilliant photos. My work with him was one of the best experiences of my life!"

- Evgenia Marushko - Yoshkar - Ola, Russia


"Greg was able to ease a bad experience in my romantic life and turn it into something truly beautiful. We destroyed the wedding dress I never wore down the aisle, and he was able to make it a therapeutic breath of fresh air once the shoot was over. I am so thankful for his comforting presence and angelic outlook on life, love, and letting go. It shows through his lens. His work is exceptional and fairly priced, he takes the time to get to know his model and connect before getting behind the camera. Wonderful experience."

- Zoe Elyse - Boise, ID


"As a model, I have worked with may photographers, and Greg was by far the best photographer I have worked with. Greg is nothing short of professional. He has a very keen eye for true art and his style and approach brings his photos to life. He was able to bring out my unique personality and style in each photo. I have enjoyed working with Greg and look forward to any future opportunities to have with him as my photographer.

- Natalie Thompson - Cedar City, UT

"I didn't realize I was photogenic until Greg took my pictures. Not only does he know precisely what makes a good picture, but he also cares about you as a model and subject. He made me feel comfortable and made me laugh a few times while still maintaining a professional attitude throughout. Wonderful to work with and would definitely hire him again for all my photography needs!"

- Katie Rose - Northford, CT

"I wish I could see the world through Greg's eyes!!! I'm sure I see stuff that totally goes unnoticed by me, but if Greg saw the same stuff and photographed it, my perspective would totally change. What an awesome gift you have!!!"

- Darlene Buttimer - Albany, NY


"As a person who loves nature and the outdoors, and also the serene beauty of ballet, I find Greg blends these two interests beautifully. I feel Greg's experience as a dancer allows him to find the best light, angles, and positions for the dancer to be shown in, but also brings the viewers eye to the setting around her. The results speak for themselves."

- Lisa Laird - Phillipsburg, NJ


When it comes to fashion photography, Greg's understanding of lighting, composition, and working with models allows him to create stunningly beautiful, unique and artistic images while maintaining a sense of realism that is so often forgotten"

- Val & Lorelei Armstrong - Albuquerque, NM


"It has been my great pleasure to work with Greg. Greg has an exceptional ability to capture nuanced emotion and intensity in his photography. He skillfully uses his surroundings to create images with depth and beauty. Greg has a gift for art that I've rarely seen. I have always been thrilled by the results and I eagerly anticipate working with Greg again."

- Katrina Slabaugh - Logan, UT


"I had the pleasure of taking Greg out on a two state field trip through Utah and Nevada, on a route that only a railroader would know. His appreciation for history and surroundings truly come through in his photographs. He's a lot more than just a renowned photographer, he's also a friend and brother."

- Kurt Sherwood - Lincoln, NE