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A Word About Weddings & Engagements

Wedding photography is the best way to immortalize your special day. You only get one chance (hopefully) of capturing your wedding day, so it is wise to employ a professional wedding photographer for this important task.

You want to look back fondly and remember just how great your wedding was, how happy all of your family and friends were. You do not want to look back with regret having wished you hired an experienced professional photographer. It's fine to have family and friends bring a camera and take photos of their own, but at the end of the day having professional quality photos taken using top of the line professional equipment will produce results that you will be able to treasure for years and even share with future generations.

A couple will spend months planning a wedding and it will cost many dollars and the couple will spend many months planning a wedding, and it will cost many dollars, for just one special day. Think of all the planning that goes into this one day, it is an event like no other. The planning may have began years before the actual day (perhaps many years before in the brides imagination!). A location needs to be booked, dresses and suit fittings need to be attended, cakes, food, drinks, flowers are needed, guest lists created, table settings, invitations, vows to be written and rehearsed, the list goes on and on.

There is a reason we spend so much time, effort and money on weddings. They are the celebration of a couples love for each other, shared with family and friends. An event that brings people together, often from interstate and sometimes from another country. How often do we get to enjoy such occasions? Not often enough.

The wedding day is the start of the rest of the bride and grooms lives together. There are so many great photo opportunities at a wedding that do not present themselves in many other occasions. Everyone is dressed smartly and looking their best. All involved are genuinely happy and honored to be there. And sure, people have been know to have a few drinks and a dance or two – all of which make for fantastic photographs.

When it comes to wedding photography it is important to chose the best photographer for your unique wedding. Photographers are individuals just like everyone else. Each has their own style.